The CyberOps team activities and services.

The CyberOps team work with organisations and government throughout Australia to advance their security posture by leveraging extensive broad industry business process improvement, network/systems architecture, standards/legal compliance, governance & risk and security design, management and testing. Our teams unique ability to understand today’s business and technical challenges, allows an effective and tailored best of breed approach to support and maintain your key business objectives.

Governance and Standards

  • Standards validation/certification
  • Cyber check lists
  • Cyber documents
  • Cyber technology strategy
  • Manage compliance to government requirements
  • Security architecture assessments
  • Qualification validation
  • Cyber qualification assessment

Cyber Technology and Services

  • Provide resources for self-managed scans
  • Safe platform to discuss and collaborate with other like-minded people
  • Provide access to intelligence and knowledge
  • Technology selection and solutions
  • Telecommunications architecture and solution design
  • Enterprise architecture and architectural governance
  • Specialised cyber technology vendor/re-seller

Data Collection, Analysis and R&D

  • Intelligence collection
  • Incident response
  • Vulnerability research
  • Intelligence aggregation
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Develop R&D program for future collaboration projects

Other Team Experience

  • Enterprise Architecture and Architectural Governance
  • Defence Architecture, Government Architecture, Health Architecture, Security Architecture Consulting
  • Physical Security
  • Global Government Services, Space and Intelligence
  • Defence Secure Networking Systems Engineer
  • Defence Mobile Networking Technology
  • Defence Communications Research
  • Security (IT and Physical) management and testing
  • IT and Business operations
  • Customer and Industry partner relations
  • Professional Services, Consulting & Enterprise Risk
  • Technical Project and Program management
  • Data Centre design, operations and management
  • Carrier & Telecommunications Systems and Infrastructure Mergers and acquisition technology diligence activities
  • E-Commerce, Banking & Trading environments
  • Agribusiness and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Technology Health services
  • Utilities (Electricity, Oil & Gas, Water) technology systems
  • Government and Corporate regulatory standards (Security, Finance Audit)
  • Telemetry and SCADA environments – Multi-industry
  • Internet, Corporate and Mobile Enterprise services
  • Radio & Electronics engineering
  • Aviation Control, Satellite Data and Voice services

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