The CyberOps team activities and services.

Governance and Standards

  • Standards validation/certification
  • Cyber check lists
  • Cyber documents
  • Cyber technology strategy
  • Manage compliance to government requirements
  • Security architecture assessments
  • Qualification validation
  • Cyber qualification assessment

Cyber Technology and Services

  • Provide resources for self-managed scans
  • Safe platform to discuss and collaborate with other like-minded people
  • Provide access to intelligence and knowledge
  • Technology selection and solutions
  • Telecommunications architecture and solution design
  • Enterprise architecture and architectural governance
  • Specialised cyber technology vendor/re-seller

Data Collection, Analysis and R&D

  • Intelligence collection
  • Incident response
  • Vulnerability research
  • Intelligence aggregation
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Develop R&D program for future collaboration projects

Other Team Experience

  • Enterprise Architecture and Architectural Governance
  • Defence Architecture, Government Architecture, Health Architecture, Security Architecture Consulting
  • Physical Security
  • Global Government Services, Space and Intelligence
  • Defence Secure Networking Systems Engineer
  • Defence Mobile Networking Technology
  • Defence Communications Research
  • Security (IT and Physical) management and testing
  • IT and Business operations
  • Customer and Industry partner relations
  • Professional Services, Consulting & Enterprise Risk
  • Technical Project and Program management
  • Data Centre design, operations and management
  • Carrier & Telecommunications Systems and Infrastructure Mergers and acquisition technology diligence activities
  • E-Commerce, Banking & Trading environments
  • Agribusiness and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Technology Health services
  • Utilities (Electricity, Oil & Gas, Water) technology systems
  • Government and Corporate regulatory standards (Security, Finance Audit)
  • Telemetry and SCADA environments – Multi-industry
  • Internet, Corporate and Mobile Enterprise services
  • Radio & Electronics engineering
  • Aviation Control, Satellite Data and Voice services