Online Network and Cloud Service Latency Checks

Often its great to understand why your network is running slow. This list of online and workstation latency checkers may help you pinpoint the problem. Background Your home network, carrier infrastructure, number/type of upstream internet interconnects, transparent content caches service and general dynamic/static routing between you and your content can all affect the quality and Read more about Online Network and Cloud Service Latency Checks[…]

Australian Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) and EU GDPR

The Australian mandatory Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) law and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has challenged the way Australian companies need to look at Data Privacy and understand security surrounding customer data storage and transactions. The global impact of the EU GDPR regulations extend this obligation if you are providing services or in some Read more about Australian Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) and EU GDPR[…]

Meltdown and Spectre CPU Flaws Impact All Major CPUs

A recent flaw disclosed by Google Project Zero has the potential to impact all major Central Processing Units (CPUs), including those from Intel, AMD and ARM, exposing almost all PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, regardless of manufacturer or operating system to exploitation. This flaw has existed in many Intel CPU’s since 1995. These hardware-related vulnerabilities have been Read more about Meltdown and Spectre CPU Flaws Impact All Major CPUs[…]

Staying Safe On The Internet

Recently the CyberOps team presented at South Australian Law Society 2017 Conference in Adelaide. The session was very well attended and resulted in many question during the session and discussions afterwards. The team covered many topics including: What motivates a hacker The Cyber Security Landscape Is Changing Where Could Evidence Come From What is Driving Change The Internet Read more about Staying Safe On The Internet[…]

Malicious Attack Activity and Global System Infections

Many security and virus detection organisations track malicious attack activity and global system infections. The below list represents some of the more graphically interesting services. Trend Global BotNet Threat Activity Map Global Virus Map Kaspersky Lab Live Attack Map Norce Live Attack Map FireEye Cyber Threat Map IPew Attack Map OpenDNS Traffic Map Team Cymru Read more about Malicious Attack Activity and Global System Infections[…]

Securing Your Information When Migrating To The Cloud

Many organisations are considering how to best utilise Cloud Computing to reduce operational costs, increase business efficiency and allowing staff to focus on core business outcomes, rather than running IT systems themselves. The CyberOps team have found that not all cloud services achieve the expected business outcome. If you are considering using Cloud services or Read more about Securing Your Information When Migrating To The Cloud[…]

The Onion Router aka TOR, DarkNet or DeepWeb

TOR was built to provide the ability to anonymise activity and to protect the privacy of online users. Like many technologies that can be used for good and evil, TOR is no exception. By providing a dynamic encrypted IP network, a covert hosting environment and the ability to obfuscate the IP addresses of users when accessing Read more about The Onion Router aka TOR, DarkNet or DeepWeb[…]

Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity – The ever evolving business challenge

Cyber Security can be challenging for many organisations. The CyberOps team is passionate about helping businesses in understanding the threats, vulnerabilities and attacks that can affect an organisations day to day operations. This presentation outlines some of the online tools and techniques used by malicious individuals to profile staff members and exposed technologies. Topics include: Read more about Cybersecurity – The ever evolving business challenge[…]

Reporting Cyber Incidents

When the CyberOps team assist Australian business who have been impacted or threatened by a Cyber-attack, we are often asked who needs to be notified? With the exception of specific industry and organisation requirements, we highly recommended notifying the following Law Enforcement and Government organisations. Contact us to find out more.   Read more about Reporting Cyber Incidents[…]