Architecture Governance

Providing vision and architectural guidance to organisations
Organisations often outsource the development of their architectures to large consulting companies or vendors. Whilst this might seem the most efficient and timely manner to bring external knowledge into the organisation, quite often it results in architectures that are “locked in time” or “shelfware” once the engagement is finished. An ongoing effort to train staff and build ownership of the product is crucial for success.

The following tasks are needed in an architecture governance function:

  • Maintain the currency and relevancy of the architectural artifacts to reflect the changes in the organisation.
  • Reporting on compliance to the architecture within the organisation.
  • Reporting on the alignment of organisation strategies to the architecture or vice versa.
  • Educating future architects on the process, and providing advice to other stakeholders.
  • Informing strategic partners and service providers of your architecture and process so that they can align to achieve the best outcomes.
  • IT strategy and architecture governance are one of the most critical activities in successful IT outcomes and are often ignored or carried out as an afterthought…make sure your organisation is different.

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