R&D Lab

The CyberOps team is currently undertaking a substantial redesign of our research and development lab environment.

Once completed the lab is intended to extend our range of existing capabilities for the team and our customers.

Outcomes of this uplift include:

  • Flexible secure remote access network access for use by practitioners and researchers;web-traffic-server
  • Increased personnel efficiency during operations, through the use of templates and standardised configurations;
  • Provision of environments for penetration teams and researchers to collaborate on common goals and outcomes;
  • Extended access to expensive security and monitoring tools;
  • Detailed environment monitoring, data collection mechanisms and audit trails for use during exercises and offline research, intended to augment tool activity logging and reporting;
  • Improved delivery times through the quick creation of complex network typologies and test scenarios;
  • Extendable cloud compute and storage capabilities;
  • Multi-layered lab environment ingress and egress controls and monitoring, to effectively manage lab network and security/assessment zones;
  • Lower capital costs through the use of less test equipment and need for distributed security/testing tools;
  • Lower operational costs by enabling a simplified network architecture, and increasing reliability;
  • Flexible network device connection and emulation options to accommodate for a broad range of physical and logical device connections i.e. visualised Intrusion Detection Systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Medial Devices and Internet of Things (IoT) hardware;
  • Provide capabilities to introduce systems and data sourced from alternate customer environments, to provide greater isolated event or capabilities investigation;
  • Provision of differing traffic generation tools to assist in application and network device testing; and
  • Common graphing and data analytics and reporting tools.

This uplift coincides with a review our detailed assessment methodologies and frameworks to align with and leverage the improved capabilities.

This is an exciting exercise for the CyberOps team, which will provide real value to our customers and assist greatly with intelligence collection and analysis.


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