Staying Safe On The Internet

Recently the CyberOps team presented at South Australian Law Society 2017 Conference in Adelaide.

The session was very well attended and resulted in many question during the session and discussions afterwards.

The team covered many topics including:

  • What motivates a hacker
  • The Cyber Security Landscape Is Changing
  • Where Could Evidence Come From
  • What is Driving Change
  • The Internet Of Things/Everything
  • Critical Infrastructure Devices On the Internet
    • Exposed International and Australian device profiles
  • Hacker Search Engine
    • How to find the connected things
  • Social Media & Profiling
  • Big Data Can Compromise Your Privacy
  • Exposed Authentication and Identity Details
  • Hardware Used to Assist Hackers
  • Reduced Industry Confidence In Technology
  • Corporate Security Considerations


A number of the people at the session were eager to strengthen their own resilience and that of their friends, family and businesses. The Following links have been provided to assist.

Staying Safe on the Internet

Staying Safe on Twitter

Staying Safe on Facebook

Staying Safe on LinkedIn

Staying Safe on Instagram


Additional guidance and references were referenced within the presentation materials, these include:

Reporting Cyber Incidents in Australia

Australian Guidelines and Advice

Cyber Defences

Certified Testers

Security Standards

Training and Guidelines



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