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The CyberOps Experience

Supported by decades of experience in Australia and around the globe, the CyberOps team have the necessary technical expertise, business experience and communication skills to relate risks in a meaningful manner to all levels of management and executive. We recognise that this is critical in an environment where solutions are not just technical, but also involve changes to business processes and operations. Experienced in many diverse sectors including: telecommunications, defence, finance, health, manufacturing, utilities, state and federal governments, CyberOps provides an informed perspective in the advice it provides.
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Process & Architecture Consulting

CyberOps has experienced practitioners who provide expert consulting services on IT architectures and business processes with a focus on secure solutions.

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Governance, Risk & Business Advice

CyberOps specialises in services to bridge the gap between the executive, risk and technical teams. Through boardroom awareness sessions, risk assessments and workshops with technical teams, vendors and supply chain businesses, cyber maturity and resilience can be measured and improvements initiated.

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Security Design, Investigation, Review & Assessment

CyberOps delivers a wide range of technical security services, from reviewing existing processes and documentation, assessing the security of current environments, to the design of new secure IT systems to meet modern security requirements.

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Cyber Compliance

CyberOps helps organisations meet their cyber compliance obligations by assisting in development of risk compliance reviews governance activities, policies and action plans.

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Cyber Preparation

CyberOps can assist your organisation to assess and improve your current cybersecurity resilience, through the use of mature security architectural, design, development, deployment, vulnerability testing and management techniques.

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Cyber Publications

As cybersecurity threats evolve and new vulnerabilities are discovered, through an ongoing series of publications and presentations, CyberOps aims to keep its customers well informed of the critical events affecting the Cyber community.

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CyberOps R&D Lab

CyberOps continues to support the building of state of the art cyber labs, testing facilities and drive R&D initiatives in Australia.

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Industry Segment Specialist Advice

CyberOps provides advice to a broad range of industries and specialisations including Space, Manufacturing, Defence, Satellite operations, IOT, Radio Frequency Communications, Encryption technologies and blockchain.

scalable enterprise Cyber services

We offer a full range of cybersecurity services

The impact of cybersecurity risk is constantly growing. Local industries and all levels of government are being tested by the changing landscape. The increasing adoption of internet connected devices (IoT) and mobile smart devices, has increased the vulnerabilities even further. Every month we hear of another large organisation being hacked, but what often goes unreported is the hundreds of smaller companies and individuals being affected.

While national initiatives focus on the larger companies, utilities and layers of government; smaller companies are often left to their own devices to secure their businesses. As well as providing services to larger organisations, CyberOps offers enterprise quality services and experience tailored for the needs of smaller businesses in Australia. We do this by taking our customers on a journey by building awareness, providing targeted advice, carrying out workshops and informal assessments, providing resources and services to build resilience.

Our aim is to ensure organisations are ready to meet their compliance and operational requirements, but more importantly operate securely in a sustainable manner.


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